Basketball Court FAQ's

    How high will the fence around the court be?

    Due to the proximity to the road and potential for multipurpose use, fencing will be 10 feet high on the long side and 12 feet high on the net sides.

    How was the location chosen?

    The location of the basketball court was chosen to be placed on the Signal Hill Elementary property. With BC Hydro Right of Way and existing SHE amenities, the current location provided enough space to begin construction. 

    The school district staff are delighted to have the court on the SHE property.

    What size is the Basketball Court

    The Basketball court is going to be 90 x 60 feet so that it meets high school basketball court dimensions of 84 x 50 feet. 

    Will you be able to play anything else on the court?

    Yes! On top of being a high school dimension basketball court, there will be space for 3 pickleball courts and nets built into the fencing for soccer or ball hockey.

    Will I be able to book the basketball court?

    Yes! If you are looking for exclusive use of the court you can contact to reserve this space at no charge. 

    Why is the surface slopped?

    As a general rule of thumb we strive for 2% slope on an asphalt surface to prevent pooling and ponding on a court such as this. We find that the % is sufficient to contend with the ever moving ground in the sea to sky region freezing, thawing frost heaving can cause issues  down the line and the proposed and installed 2% is what will help minimize long term settling and ponding of water. The court is crowned vs cross-fall so as a playing surface is not heavily favored to one side.

    While standing on the court it is very likely you will not notice the slope at all.